What areas does Luther Fence service?

Luther Fence services New London, Middlesex, Windham, and Tolland Counties in Connecticut. We also, provide service in some southern Rhode Island areas.

What types/styles of fence do you install?

We install all styles and types of fence, including but not limited to: aluminum, chain link, steel, pvc (vinyl), and wood.

What do I need to know before having the fence installed? Do I need a permit?

It is a good idea to know exactly where your property lines are before having the fence installed. Most areas we service do not require you to pull a permit. There are some exceptions though, such as the City of New London and Groton Long Point.

How does vinyl (pvc) compare to wood?

Vinyl fencing requires virtually no maintenance at a moderately higher cost than the standard stockade wood fence. However, some styles of wood fence are actually more expensive than the same style in vinyl (i.e. lattice topped privacy fence). Your salesperson will gladly give you all the options and pricing on site, during your free estimate.

Will vinyl fence yellow over time?

No. Our vinyl fencing is made with all virgin plastic (no recycled products), guaranteeing you a true bright white color for the life of the fence. Tan and grey are also available on most pvc styles.

Should I stain/paint my wood fence after installation?

We recommend applying a protective finish to wood fence after installation. This helps to minimize the effects of weathering, and prolongs the life of your fence.

What is the typical fence height to keep my dog contained?

Although all of your fence styles are available in 4’, 5’, and 6’ heights, the common dog does not typically jump over a 4’ high fence. However, if you have an aggressive or highly active breed of dog, you may want to consider a five or six foot high fence.

What kind of warranty is provided with my fence?

A three year labor warranty is provided with the sale of any style fence. Material warranties are dependant upon the products used in the installation. Aluminum fence has a lifetime warranty, chain link products are covered for 12 years, pvc products are warranted for twenty years, and there is no material warranty for wood products.